logo Club de Gymnastique Artistique Gadbois

The club has been in existence for 30 years. Initially, it was located at the Gadbois centre but was later moved to the 2 nd floor of Marche Atwater.

Throughout its existence, the club has instructed gymnasts of all levels. Many have won medals at the Jeux de Montreal or at competitions held across the province. Summer camps are organized every year.

In 2001, we had the honour of training Samantha, the “pre-novice” champion and Andree-Anne, the “novice” champion at the provincial level.

In 2002, we had the pleasure of training the Quebec “novice” champion, Samantha.

In 2003, Stephanie Dufour and Andree-Anne Caron Boisvert participated in the Jeux du Quebec. Andree-Anne was chosen to be the flag-bearer for the Montreal region. Stephanie also participated in the Eastern Regional Championships where she achieved first place on the balance beam.

In 2004, Tamara and Stephanie Dufour participated in the Eastern Regional Championships.

In 2005, Kaitlyn Wiseman participated in the Eastern Regional Championships. Laura Elbaz, Karine Leclerc, Ali Brown, Audrey Lincourt, Amelie Tapia, Kaitlyn Wiseman, Dorothy Yeats, Chanelle Lazure and Victoria Yeats participated in the 2005 Quebec Championships.

In 2006, Tamara participated in the Eastern Regional Championships. Ali Brown, Patricia Guirguis and Jessica Durocher finished in 5 th place in their respective category at the provincial championships. Amelie Tapia, Chanelle Lazure, Ariane Bergeron also participated in the provincial championships.

During the sporting year 2006-2007, the club reached is 30th year of existence. Six gymnasts participated in the Quebec championships and one earned the title of vice-champion of Quebec in the beam category. Addionally, two Quebec championship titles were won by the division 6 and 3 teams. Our defi athletes not only received their diplomas but were also congratulated by the jury, along with their coaches, for the quality of the presentation of their routines. The recreational section also shined during the Montreal Games and the competitions in December, winning many merits.

In 2007-2008, Annaelle Pronovost as won the Quebec cup and the title of Quebec champion in P2 argo.