Information on the apparatuses

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The preferred apparatus among spectators, the floor combines dance and acrobatics with the creativity and personality of the gymnast showcasing the most dazzling and graceful of exercises. Accompanied by music, the gymnast must combine choreographed movements and acrobatic movements while at the same time demonstrating flexibility and control of the entire body. She must do at least 3 series of acrobatics during the routine. Exiting the floor area results in an automatic deduction. The routine must last one minute and 30 seconds and the gymnast must use the entire floor as well as the four corners.



Aside from balancing her body four feet from the ground on a beam only 4 inches wide, the gymnast must carry out what one can only describe as a floor routine on this apparatus. The key word here is balance; the judge deducts points for falls and stumbles (a fall results in an automatic deduction of 0.5 points). The routine must combine choreographed movements (pirouettes and jumps) and acrobatics using the length of the beam as much as possible. Rhythm is extremely important. A slow and monotonous routine with breaks in rhythm between the difficult elements is not desirable. The routine cannot exceed one minute and ten seconds. Beam routines require a lot concentration and precision in execution.


appareil de saut

This exercise is one of the most difficult to evaluate because of the speed of each vault. The score is composed of two parts, the level of difficulty of the vault and the quality of the execution. The vault consists of two principal elements: pre-flight (approach to the vault) and post-flight (from vault to mat). During the pre-flight phase, the judges examine the positioning of the arms, shoulders, legs and hands. During the post-flight phase, they judge the height of the vault, equilibrium, turns or saltos and landing, which must be made on two feet without stumbling. Each gymnast may do two vaults of her choice. She may do two different vaults or two of the same vault. She must indicate the number of the vault she will be attempting. If she does not execute the vault indicated, she receives a score of 0. The final score is the better of the two scores obtained.

Uneven bars


The routine must be composed of at least 10 elements, dismount included. The key to a good score on the bars is the continuity of movement. Points are deducted for any interruptions or pauses during the routine. Using the bars to support the body, in either the standing or sitting position, must be momentary. A fall results in an automatic deduction of 0.5 points and the gymnast has 30 seconds to re-mount the bars. The gymnast must move from one bar to the other in a series of swings, turns, saltos and handstands. The judges examine the movement of the hands from one bar to the other, the form of the gymnast in the hanging position, the usage of the two bars during the routine and the continuity of movement. The movements executed on this apparatus are often some of the most dynamic and spectacular in gymnastics reflecting the courage, skill and dexterity of the gymnast.